We Understand The Needs Of Brand Owners.

Brand Owners typically occupy a difficult position within the source tagging decision chain.

Ultimately, it is the Retailer who chooses an in-store or source tagging solution based upon their perceived needs. However, it is the Manufacturer or Packager who retains end responsibility for purchasing and implementing the chosen source tagging solution and to ensure that it performs to the retailer's satisfaction.

Finally, it all comes back, full circle, to the Brand Owner, who not only approves each stage of the process, but will also pay for the application of source tagging products for which he has provided minimal input.

How CSI Can Help

At CSI, we help Brand Owners navigate the complexities of technology, merchandise categories and retailer compliance issues, by investigating optimal source tagging solutions. In turn, we can take advantage of our industry network to assist Brand Owners by coordinating and facilitating related discussions and agreements amongst supply chain stakeholders.

If you are unsure of your specific requirements, or your next steps, we invite you to follow up with a member of our CSI Consulting Team to help get you back on track.

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